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  • Air Quality

    1 set of  Vario Plus Industrial Gas Analyzer (combustion) – O2, CO, NO2, SO2, H2S, CO2, HC

    1 set of 100+ Gas Portable – Model IQ-1000

    1 set of Gas/Metal Emission Sampler – Sox, NOx, Hydrocorbon, H2S, SO4

    1 set of Lamotte Air Quality Testing Outfit

    1 set of Combustion Analyzer - Delta 65

    1 set of Acid rain Outfit

  • Water Quality

    1 unit of GLI Ultrasonic Flow meter Model U53

    1 set of In-situ meter YSI85 – Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature

    1 unit of pH meter – Hanna Hi 8424

    1 set of  In-situ  meter  Orion Star  Series  (Portable) – Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, pH

  • Noise Measurement

    1 unit of Sound Level Calibrator TES-1356
  • General Equipment

    1 unit RTD Thermometers HD2107.1 & HD2107.2 – Heat Radiation

    1 unit King Pro Desiccators

    1 unit  RainWise weather station  (Portable) – Wind  speed, Wind direction, Temperature, RH

    2 Unit Trail Camera Trape

    2 Unit Sound Meter Smart Sensor

    1 Unit Air Quality Monitor (9 in 1)

    1 Unit Multifuntional Air Quality Monitor

    1 Unit Garmin TRex GPS

  • Drone

    1 unit Drone – ( DJI Mini SE Combo with 3 Batteries) 

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